Canvas Support Materials for Faculty

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For most Canvas support tools, you should go to The Canvas Support Portal, but this is a collection of SMU-specific tutorials to answer frequently asked questions.


Getting Help in Canvas

This guide will help you get help for all your Canvas-related issues. 

Migrating Files from Blackboard to Canvas

To successfully migrate your course from Blackboard to Canvas, you will need to create a Blackboard Course Export file from within your current Blackboard course, then import that file into your Canvas course using the Import Wizard. These two pages will show you how to do that.


Web 2.0 Assignments in Canvas

Some of us have gotten used to using CampusPack Web 2.0 tools to bring interactive capabilities into Blackboard. CampusPack will soon be integrated into Canvas, but in the meantime you can use Canvas' own built-in tools to add interactivity to your online assignments. 

Term Start/End Checklist

Follow the link for a simple checklist for your start-of-term setup tasks or good things to do when concluding a course. 


Getting Notified of Changes to Canvas

The Canvas interface is constantly being updated, which means that certain features may unexpectedly look or work differently than they had previously. While these updates continually improve the Canvas experience, but the new features may upset your usual ways of working. 

If you would like to get notifed of Canvas changes before they happen, you can subscribe to the Canvas Release Notes page.

Requesting New Features from Canvas

If you have suggestions about features and functionality that should be part of Canvas, you might want to fill out a feature request. You can search the feature request forums to see if someone else has submitted your idea, and create a new ticket if they haven’t!

Request more information

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