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Samuel Merritt University has defined a bold and forward-looking vision that will sustain the University as a first class accredited institution of higher learning. The University is focused on strategies to enhance instructional innovation, expand learning and laboratory facilities, and provide the highest levels of expert faculty and staff to support undergraduate and graduate students.


  • Sharon Diaz, PhD (hc)
    President and CEO
  • Scot Foster, PhD, FAAN
    Academic Vice President and Provost
  • Terry Nordstrom, PT, EdD, FNAP 
    Interim Vice President, Enrollment and Student Services
  • Greg Gingras, MSB, CMA, CFM
    Vice President, Finance and Administration, and CFO
  • Stephanie Bangert, MLS
    Executive Director, Office of the President
  • Elaine Lemay, MHROD
    Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Sue Valencia, BA, CFRE
    Executive Director, Development and Alumni Affairs
  • Cynthia M. Ulman
    Executive Director, Planning & Business Development

Board of Regents

  • Thomas Drese, MA, Chair
  • Marilyn Snider, MSN, Vice Chair
  • Sharon Diaz, PhD (hc) (ex-officio)
  • Mary Brown, Secretary
  • David Bradley, MBA, MS
  • Cornelius Hopper, MD
  • David Frey, JD
  • Owen Garrick, MD
  • Alvin McLean, Jr., PhD
  • Gary Morrison, JD
  • Albert Peters, CPA
  • Chuck Prosper, MBA, MS (ex-officio)
  • John Swartzberg, MD, FACP
  • Teh Wei-Hu, PhD
  • Jonathon Brown, PhD
  • Lloyd Leanse, MA