Lactation Room

SMU will make reasonable efforts to provide an opportunity and a private place to express breast milk. We are pleased to have a designated room available for this purpose.

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Samuel Merritt University Lactation Room Guidelines

The Lactation Room offers a dedicated comfortable, private, quiet space for nursing mothers to express breast milk during their time at work or school.  It is available for use by any nursing mother who is an employee or student of Samuel Merritt University. The room, located in the Peralta Medical Office Building, is furnished with three comfortable chairs and side tables, a compact refrigerator, a white-sound machine to block corridor noise, a campus telephone, cleaning supplies, and electrical outlets for breast pumps.

SMU employees or students who need to express milk may sign up to use the room on a regular basis (i.e. daily or multiple times during a day) for as long as they continue to breastfeed.  There is no fee for use of the Lactation Room. 

How to Reserve Time in the Lactation Room

SMU has set up a registration and reservation system to monitor demand for the room and to assure its privacy and availability for users.  This will help the University serve nursing mothers better.

1.    You must register with the Health Education Center (HEC) Front Desk by:

2.    Once your access has been authorized, you will receive a combination to enter the Lactation Room, a reservation number, and confirmation of your reserved times.  DO NOT share the access combination with anyone.

3.    Reservations must be renewed or updated at the beginning of each term in order to continue your access.

If you have questions about the reservation system, contact the HEC Front Desk at (510) 869-6161.
Employees with questions about the Lactation Room policy and use should contact Human Resources.
Students with questions about the Lactation Room policy and use should contact Student Services.

Using the Samuel Merritt University Lactation Room

Registering to Use the Lactation Room

To insure the privacy of the room and to prevent overbooking, we request that you sign up in advance by using the online Reservation Form.  If you have reserved times but find you need to use this room at a time you have not previously reserved, please call the HEC Front Desk (x. 6161) to make sure others have not reserved it.

Your Responsibilities While Using the Lactation Room

  • This room is for you and other nursing moms like you. Use this room only to express and store breast milk.
  • Please provide your own breast pump and accessories.
  • Sanitize any surface area you use before and after expressing milk, using the wipes provided. 
  • Clean up spills, place all trash in receptacles, and keep the room tidy. Notify the HEC Front Desk if a spill requires extra cleaning or you find the room messy.
  • Keep the refrigerator clean at all times.
  • Keep the door closed at all times, make sure it is locked when you leave, and do not share the access combination with anyone.
  • Remove all personal items and equipment each time you leave the room.
  • Respect other users’ privacy and comfort by not talking on a cell phone, playing music that others can hear, or leaving the room untidy.

Storing Breast Milk

  • Provide your own containers to store expressed milk.
  • You may store only expressed breast milk and a small, labeled zip-lock bag of pump accessories in this refrigerator.
  • Write your name, telephone number and the date and time on each container you express, using the labels provided. Remove your stored breast milk and your bag of accessories by the end of each day.
  • Unlabeled milk and labeled milk that is more than 24 hours old will be discarded during 6:00 cleaning each evening.
  • For Information on how to safely store breast milk, go to

Samuel Merritt University is not responsible for the integrity or security of breast milk stored in the Lactation Room refrigerator or for personal containers left for more than 24 hours. SMU does not provide ice packs, containers or other accessories.  Participants who bring these items must store them outside the Lactation Room.

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