Faculty Scholarship Grant Program (FSGP) and Faculty Research "Seed" Grant Application Materials

Faculty Scholarship Grant Program (FSGP)

This internal grant program is intended to support faculty scholarship that is aligned with the University’s mission and vision and that advances the Division of Academic Affairs’ strategic priorities. The FSGP serves as a source of major financial support for faculty who are on a trajectory that could result in external funding for their scholarship as well as for faculty whose field of scholarship may not result in external funding, but whose scholarly work is nevertheless valuable to the University and the communities it serves.


Dates for 2014 Funding Cycle

Step in Application ProcessDue Date
“Letter of Intent” to submit FSGPAugust 15, 2014
Completed FSGP Application submission (electronic & print copies)September 15, 2014 by midnight (11:59 PM)
FORC Recommendation to OAAOctober 10, 2014
Decisions from OAA to PIOctober 29, 2014
Grant Accounts Created and Monies AwardedEarly November (however, no monies will be spent until IRB approval obtained by PI)

FSGP Process (presented at Faculty Org on 9/25/14)


Faculty Research "Seed" Grant Program

The purpose of the Faculty Research "Seed" Grants program is to provide funding to help SMU faculty in any one or more of the following:

  • Development of new research projects/programs
  • Development and growth of ongoing research projects/programs
  • To serve as seed monies to help faculty obtain external funding
  • To support faculty-mentored student initiated research projects

Completed proposals are submitted to the Faculty Organization Research Committee (FORC) for review, scoring and final recommendation to the SMU Office of Academic Affairs. Assistance in developing proposals is available through the FORC.

Faculty “Seed" Grant proposals are accepted on a rolling basis each calendar year January 1 through October 15. (Applications submitted after October 15 will be considered for funding in the following calendar year.)

Proposals should be emailed to : facultyresearch@samuelmerritt.edu


Application Materials

The package of application materials for the 2014 Faculty Scholarship Grant Program (FSGP) Funding Cycle is now available!

Completed FSGP applications are due September 15, 2014 by midnight (11:59PM).  

See the FSGP Program Procedures and Instructions for Grant Application Submission (which you will see once you click on the FSGP link below) for more details on application timelines.