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Community Learning Series Spring 2014

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Spring 2014 Community Learning Series

"New Insights: Education & Health Care"

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EXERCISE IS MEDICINE: Promoting Wellness for 2014
Exercise Prescription for You and Your Patients

Tim Dutra, DPM, MS, MHCA
Assistant Professor/ Clinical Investigator CSPM

Monday, January 27  
Noon – 1:00 PM, PMOB 4003

Come and discuss what health professionals need to know in  encouraging and promoting exercise to their patients as part of a healthy lifestyle.  The cost of inactivity is staggering.  Exercise and diet play a critical role in our prevention of disease and keeping our bodies and minds healthy.  Guidelines will be recommended for prescribing exercise, which can be adapted to any patient.

Lunch for the first 15!



Anglyn Sasser, Psy.D.,
Staff Psychologist, The SHAC

Wednesday, January 29
Noon – 1:00 PM, PMOB 4003

Join Dr. Anglyn Sasser, from Health & Counseling Services, for a discussion of healthy ways to manage stress and reduce test anxiety. The mind-body connection is very important for overall good health.  Specific cognitive and behavioral interventions will be presented!

Lunch for the first 15!


THE PRESENT OF THE PRESENT: Using Mindfulness to Free Ourselves From Stress and Anxiety

Jacob Engelskirger
Counseling Intern, The SHAC

Thursday, January 30
Noon-1:00 PM, PMOB 4003

Mindfulness is a state of mind that involves attending to the present wholly with purpose and approaching experiences with openness and acceptance.  Come learn some simple and effective tools for combatting stress, negative thinking, and worry.    

Lunch for the first 15!



Mark Abelson, MS
Academic Support Coordinator

Tuesday, February 4
Noon – 1:00 PM, PMOB 4003

Does your mind wander when it needs to be absorbing? If you feel like you’ve wasted hours trying get projects started, zoned out during important lectures, or learned facts but failed to apply knowledge, then we invite you to join us for a conversation on practices that support sustained attention and concentration. We will cover environmental and emotional management strategies, discuss the drifting mind, and introduce new habits that can improve quality of study time for all learners.

Lunch for the first 15!


Joan Bard,  DEd, RN
Associate Professor

Wednesday, February 5  
Noon – 1:00 PM, PMOB 4002

Dr. Bard will update us on new directions in providing care to patients and their families at the end of life. The focus is on how to make the end of a person’s life a gift to their families.
Lunch for the first 15!

Lunch for the first 15!



Debbie Sommer, MLS

Tuesday, February 11
12:00 – 1:00 PM, PMOB 4001

The library offers many resources that you can access away from campus on your computer, tablet or smart phone.  In this session you will learn about these remotely accessible databases, journals, videos, ebooks and more!

Lunch for the first 15!



Guy L. McCormack, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA
Professor, Occupational Therapy

Wednesday, February 12
Noon-1:00 PM, PMOB 4003

Recent research sheds light on the possible causes of Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This presentation will review the neuroscience and plausible  interventions for PTSD.
Lunch for the first 15!


KEEPING CURES FROM KILLING: Simple Steps to Prevent Medication Injury and Death

Michael J. Negrete, Pharm.D Assistant Dean, The School of Pharmacy

Wednesday, February 19
Noon – 1:00 PM, PMOB 4001 (please note new room)

Medications are the most common treatment in modern day medicine.  Unfortunately, these well intentioned efforts to heal, too often end up causing harm.  Estimates from the institute of medicine suggest that every year, 1.5 million (or one in every 200) Americans are injured or killed by a preventable medication problem. Much of the effort to reduce medication errors has focused on inpatient settings.  However,  the vast majority of medication use occurs in outpatient environment, where patients have significantly less professional oversight and support.  This workshop reviews the frequency and types of medication errors and presents strategies for reducing them in the ambulatory care environment.

Lunch for the first 15!


Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Models in the Philippines: lessons learned and applications to decrease health disparities in Oakland, California

Rolando Lazaro, PT, PhD, DPT, Co-chair of the Physical Therapy Department

Tuesday, March 4
Noon – 1:00 PM, PMOB 4003
Dr. Lazaro will briefly share his experiences during his five-month stay in the Philippines as a Fulbright Senior Scholar. He will discuss his teaching experiences, his research on Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) models in the country, and the lessons that learned/insights as to how these CBR models can be applied to improve access to healthcare and decrease health disparities in our Oakland community.  Dr. Lazaro will also present information about obtaining Fulbright scholarship grants for interested faculty, staff and students. 

Lunch for the first 15!

Terry Nordstrom, PT, EdD
Assistant Academic Vice-President and Associate Professor

Tuesday, March 18 (please note new date)
Noon-1:00 PM, PMOB 4002

Come and learn about the Institute for Health Care Improvement Open School and be in on the ground floor of Samuel Merritt University students leading this effort at SMU.  This is a unique opportunity for students to learn from, with, and about one another in an interprofessional environment.  Since 2008, the IHI Open School program has provided students in all of the health professions with the opportunity to advance health care improvement and patient safety competencies in the next generation of health professionals worldwide.  

Lunch for the first 15!


Carl Johns, Massage Therapist
Instructor McKinnon Institute

Massage is a wonderful antidote to stress. Come enjoy 15 min. of rejuvenating massage. Signup appointments will be announced through your SMU Email account later this semester! Massage by appointment only.