Community Learning Series

Our series of workshop lunches spotlight a wide range of topics of interest to the SMU community. These noon sessions are informal and open to all members of the University community. The lectures and workshops extend and expand on the classroom curriculum, and promote wellness and inclusivity in the faculty and student body. Presenters come from the Samuel Merritt and Greater Bay Area community, and include faculty and staff as well as students.

Previous workshop presentations include:

  • How to Improve Your Presentations by Reducing Your Anxiety
  • Racial Profiling in Medicine: Hypertension Treatment for Black vs. Non-Black Patients in the JNC8
  • The RICHER Model - Complementary Therapy for Healthcare Providers
  • Counterfeit Drugs and the Damage to World Health
  • 7 Quick and Easy Tips to Improve Learning and Long-Term Memory
  • The Art and Science of Resiliency and Stress Management
  • Moving Beyond "Because I Told You So:" A Review of Addiction Medicine and the Use of Shared Decision Making in Treatment
  • Destination Cuba: Health, Travel, and Cooperation

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