Evaluation of Tutorial Service by the Tutor

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The purpose of this evaluation is to help the tutorial program evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our service. Your evaluation is confidential and seen only by the Coordinator of Academic Support Services. When reporting the results of the survey, we protect the confidentiality of the participants and report the collective results, not individual ratings. Thank you in advance for your help.

Please rate the following with regard to the tutee
The tutee had a positive attitude.
The tutee kept appointments or rescheduled in a timely manner.
The tutee was prepared with questions for the tutoring sessions.
Please rate the following results of your tutoring sessions
The tutee gained a better understanding of the subject matter.
After tutoring the student was better able to apply the course content to practical applications (such as in the clinic).
The student's grades improved.
The student's self-confidence improved.
The student seemed to increase his/her critical thinking and problem solving skills
The student improved his/her study skills.

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