Academic & Instructional Innovation


Academic and Instructional Innovation is responsible for evaluation, design, development, implementation, and training of instructional and academic focused technology. We are responsible for assisting faculty in leveraging technology for teaching and learning online and in the classroom.

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What we do...
  • Develop and maintain training materials;
  • Conduct training workshops;
  • Participate in projects designed to enhance the learning experience;
  • Assist faculty with designing curricular materials for web-enhanced and online delivery;
  • Collaborate with faculty/staff to analyze academic technology and learning requirments, recommend technology solutions, and implement appropriate delivery systems;
  • Support and troubleshoot matters concerning existing academic focused technology tools.
Our key objectives include...
  • Integrating adult learning theory and evidence-based instructional design methodology;
  • Performing needs assessments and incorporating appropriate evaluation strategies and metrics for continued improvement;
  • Ensuring compliance with educational standards, and best practices relevant to online learning and academic/instructional technology; and
  • Providing excellent support to faculty, staff, and students.
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