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Meet Ted Curran
What are we up to?
A&II 2010 Projects

picture of Ted CurranMeet Ted Curran

SMU's newest Instructional Designer Ted Curran is a renaissance geek. Keenly interested in education, technology, arts, communication, and language, Ted continually experiments with ways to integrate these passions towards the ultimate goal of empowering people.

Ted has been a charter high school teacher for the last eight years, teaching Advanced Digital Media Arts, English Language Arts, and Social Science in public charter schools-- most notably Envision Schools in San Francisco. As a teacher, he fell in love with blogging and "Web 2.0" technologies as a tool for empowering, engaging, and motivating students to explore themselves as writers and participate in the larger social discourse. Ted was able to research this topic in depth as part of his National University Master of Arts in Education thesis "Blogging and Online Communities: Effects on Student Engagement, Motivation, and Social Voice". Ted then took his newfound learning into the classroom, turning 150 Digital Arts students into web content producers who shared their artworks and writing in a conversation with the world. 

Alongside these pursuits, Ted dabbles as a web/graphic designer, an education technology consultant, and has worked as a Web 2.0 teacher at a technology hotspot & salon in Oakland. 

Ted lives in the beautiful Berkeley Hills with his Fox Terrier Flash and three great musical artistic roommates. He is preparing to marry the girl of his dreams and is excited to support the work of students and faculty at Samuel Merritt University.

Ted's contact info:
phone: 510.869.6511 x4329
Location: 435 Hawthorne, Suite 109


What Are We Up To?

Are you wondering what we have plan for 2010? A&II established a list of goals to guide our projects and initiatives for the next few years. We believe these goals provide the proper framework to ensure that we are serving the University’s vision. While our goals will remain the same, our specific projects and initiatives will change. We have a busy and ambitious year plan.   See, A&II 2010 Projects for a complete list of our goals, projects and targeted tasks. A sample includes:

GOAL #1: Leverage academic focused technology to enhance the teaching and learning epxerience online and in the classroom.

Project: Incorporate Web 2.0 functionality

Targeted Tasks

  • Work with focus group to incorporate and evaluate the implementation of LearningObjects' Blogs, Wikis, and multimedia content (eg. Podcast) into courses.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of Campus Pack Fusion in our environment as the delivery tool; use data to make renewal decisions
  • Research best practices and build resource site
  • Develop on-going Faculty workshops.
  • [Future direction] Work with Media Services to develop videotaped professional development series for on-demand delivery.

Project: Improve online exam options

Targeted Tasks

  • Conduct pilot of Respondus as (1) replacement for Securexam Browser and (2) Exam import utility for Blackboard
  • Collaborate with Faculty to evaluate products and make decision on renewals.
  • [Future direction]: Investigate options for better statistical analysis for online exams; Research what other institutions are doing and current issues, concerns.

Project: Explore and begin to plan SMU YouTube/EDU presence

Targeted Tasks

  • Identify requirements
  • Create, lead Taskforce
  • Develop specific objectives and devise a plan
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