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Basic Canvas training– Online or Face-to-face

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This basic course is strongly recommended for all faculty and administrative staff, and will give you the basic skills you need to successfully run a course in the LMS. You can choose to attend via our self-paced Online Canvas Training Course or our monthly face-to-face workshops.

Basic Canvas Training (1 & 2) Online.

The content for the online course matches the content covered in Basic Canvas 1 & 2.

Preparing for Training

Get the most out of your Canvas training! Make the following preparations before you attend:

  1. If you are attending face-to-face training, make sure you have registered online and reviewed the course objectives for Workshop 1 and/or Workshop 2.
  2. For both online and face-to-face training, make sure your university-issued and home computers have the latest version of the Firefox web browser.
  3. For Workshop 2, please bring a syllabus and course documents (assignments, pdfs, etc.) on a USB flash drive. You will begin building one of your courses in this session. You will also need these documents on your computer if you are completing the online training course.


Advanced Canvas Training

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Once you have completed Basic Canvas training and successfully run your course in Canvas, you might want to take an Advanced Canvas Training seminar to learn to maximize the benefits of Canvas in your course.

Working with Quizzes and Question Banks

This is a hybrid course introducing participants to the quiz, survey, and question bank features in Canvas and the secured browser and assessment tools from Respondus. We will explore ways to encourage academic honesty and discuss pedagogical and practical strategies for administering online quizzes. In the 90-minute hands-on portion, you will receive step-by-step instructions on creating, editing, and managing the relevant tasks. This course has a MOOC-inspired design, useful resources, flexible participation options, and opportunities to gain experience credit.  Read more.