ABSN Admitted Student Profile

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Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Admitted Student Profile

The information presented below is meant to give prospective students an idea about the academic competitiveness of the ABSN program. GPAs and test scores are shown in ranges to demonstrate that the program receives and considers applications from students with a wide range of academic qualifications. Admission is not based solely upon academic criteria; we discourage applicants from judging their own application based solely on the information below.





TEAS Math Range*

83 - 96.7%

TEAS Reading Range*

83 - 91%

TEAS Individual Adjusted*

81.25 - 90%

GPA in last 60 semester units*

3.28 - 3.78

GPA in science pre-requisites*

3.26 - 3.83

*= Range for middle 50% of admitted students. Note that TEAS is no longer an accepted entrace exam for ABSN, BSN or ELMSN. Moving forward, all applicants will need to take the HESI A2. 

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