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ELMSN Information Sessions

Samuel Merritt University offers ELMSN Information Sessions once per quarter on the Oakland and Sacramento campuses. Information sessions will review the program curriculum and admission requirements and process. 

New: Bring your transcripts to the information session!

Prospective students now have another option to have their transcripts reviewed. Come to an information session and bring a copy of your unofficial transcripts with you. Leave them with the admissions counselor and they will review your transcripts and provide you with a complete evaluation within two weeks. Avoid making an extra trip to campus and get your transcripts evaluated much faster than waiting for an appointment!




Tuesday, June 5 Noon Webinar
Wednesday, June 13 4:30 p.m. Sacramento Campus
Saturday, June 23 1:00 p.m. Oakland Campus
Tuesday, June 26 Noon Webinar
Saturday, July 21 10:30 a.m. Oakland Campus
Thursday, July 19 Noon Webinar
Tuesday, August 7 Noon Webinar
Thursday, August 30 Noon Webinar
Friday, September 7 Noon Webinar
Thursday, November 15 Noon Webinar
Wednesday, December 5 Noon Webinar
Tuesday, December 18 Noon Webinar

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NursingCAS Application Workshops

Join SMU Admissions for an upcoming NursingCAS Application Workshop. Learn tips and tricks to make using NursingCAS as smooth as possible, plus get some insider information about how to strengthen your application. 

Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 10 a.m. - Oakland Campus

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College Visits

Each year, Samuel Merritt University makes hundreds of visits to colleges and universities throughout the Bay Area, California and the country. Chances are we're going to be at a school near you soon. Check out the event calendar to see where we're going to be next. 

Nursing Success! Seminar
June 6-8

Underrepresented students (African American, Hispanic/Latino, and male) are invited to participate in a 3-day program, Nursing Success! Seminar

Drop-In Counseling (Oakland only) 

If you have a quick question or two, drop-in counseling may be perfect for your busy schedule. No appointment is needed. Drop-in counseling is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. These are brief visits designed to provide you with some quick information. Drop-in counseling is not available during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's.

Counseling Appointments – Oakland, Sacramento and San Mateo

Appointments are available weekdays, during regular business hours for prospective students who have already attended an information session. These appointments are usually 45-60 minutes in length and the main purpose is to review your transcripts for prerequisites. Please bring unofficial or official transcripts with you to the appointment. Please call (510) 879-9200 to schedule your counseling appointment.

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