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We are very pleased to announce that Samuel Merritt University has become a member of NursingCAS (Nursing Centralized Application Service).  All applications for the nursing programs at SMU (BSN, ABSN, ELMSN, post-professional MSN, and doctoral) will soon use the online NursingCAS application.  The anticipated launch date for the new applications is by the end of May.  Once the application opens all applications must be completed and submitted with NursingCAS.  No other applications will be allowed or accepted. There are no changes to any of the requirements/ or essay questions. We suggest that you begin to explore the NursingCAS  website now, in preparation of the transition.

There are some exciting benefits for you, the applicant:

  • A convenient and efficient process to apply to multiple schools using a single web-based application.
  • A comprehensive online checklist and instructions to help you easily navigate through the application.
  • Cuts down on the time and costs associated with duplicate applications, data entry, letters of reference,  transcripts, and supporting materials for those applying to more than one school  by using a single online application.
  • Provides a single, online resource to  research schools offering different types of nursing programs.
  • Enables you to check your status online or on your smart phone 24/7 to track the receipt of your application, transcripts and references
  • Robust application validation rules that reduce unintended applicant errors and omissions.
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable NursingCAS support staff available throughout the application cycle.
  • Streamlined application process.



This is a new and exciting process for all of us.  All applications must be completed and submitted with NursingCAS.  No other applications will be allowed or accepted.  Unless specifically asked for (either in instructions or by an Admission Counselor) no information should be sent directly to SMU either electronically or by U.S. mail.  This includes transcripts, TEAS (as applicable) and letters of recommendation.  Information received through any other form other than that provided by NursingCAS will not be considered or reviewed.


  • Contact individuals that you would like to have for references
  • Obtain unofficial (student) copies of your college transcripts to assist you in completing the course work section of the application.
  • Request official transcripts using the Transcript Request Form. This form can be printed from the 'Colleges Attended' section once you create an application.
  • Turn off your email’s spam/junk filters for the duration of the application cycle. If you’re not able to do this, add,, and domain to your allowed email address list. Also, please check your spam or junk mail folders periodically throughout the  cycle and check the “My Messages” section of your application frequently.


Read the NursingCAS application instructions:


NursingCAS has provided a link to FAQs for you:


Check your application status on-line! To view the real-time progress of your file, login to your NursingCAS application and view QUICK STATUS menu. Please do not call or e-mail NursingCAS until you have read the instructions, checked your status on-line, reviewed your e-mail account for any NursingCAS messages, and read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section. Note: NursingCAS processing may take up to five weeks after your application, transcripts, and payment is received.

If you still have questions, contact NursingCAS staff. Provide your NursingCAS ID Number and name in all communication. Allow up to 3 business days for NursingCAS to respond to your inquiry. NursingCAS will only discuss an application with the applicant and the applicant’s designated NursingCAS programs. Staff will not discuss an application with a parent, spouse, relative, friend, or employer.

NursingCAS Support

☎ 617-612-2880

6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time Zone
6:00am-2:00pm Pacific Time Zone


Mail Transcripts To:
PO Box 9201
Watertown, MA 02471

Below is an explination of hte basic admission process.

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