Working with Quizzes and Question Banks

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Working with Quizzes & Question Banks


Do you have questions about putting your exams online? Not sure of the best practices? Concerned about academic honesty? Need to know what resources are available?

This hybrid course is for you. Once enrolled, you will find answers to your questions, have opportunities to share with and learn from your colleagues, and attend a hands-on workshop. There will also be opportunities for online synchronous sessions and 1:1 assistance with Canvas support.

red flagPlease self-enroll in the Canvas course before attending the hands-on workshop; ideally, one week before. This will ensure that you receive the necessary materials for the workshop. Post any questions in the Q&A discussion forum.


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Step 1:   To gain access to the course content, click here to self-enroll. [Link available 6/10]]

Step 2:   Register for one hands-on-session. Go to registration page.



Course Description

This is a hybrid course introducing participants to the quiz, survey, and question bank features in Canvas, and the secured browser and assessment tools from Respondus. We will explore ways to encourage academic honesty and discuss pedagogical and practical strategies for administering online quizzes. In the 90-minute hands-on portion, you will receive step-by-step instructions on creating, editing, and managing relevant tasks.


For faculty who have completed the Welcome to Canvas workshop or similar orientation training.


Hybrid, online and instructor led hands-on workshop.


This course is intended to be an on-going resource to establish a learning community on this topic. You are encouraged to participate in the online asynchronous activities before and after attending the hands-on workshop. 


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify strategies that encourage academic honesty
  • Experience taking a quiz from the student’s perspective
  • Customize course navigation menu
  • Describe the importance of using quizzes as a teaching tool
  • Explain the advantages of using question banks
  • Explore ways to use quizzes/surveys throughout your course
  • Explain the overall steps for creating a quiz
  • Create a test and add the following types of questions: true/false, multiple choice, and essay; images and videos; and Question Groups
  • Set quiz options, including Respondus Lockdown Browser
  • Add extra time for individuals, clearing or add attempts
  • Add a quiz to appropriate Assignment Group and/or Module
  • Explain the grading process: SpeedGrader, Fudge Points, Rubrics, Outcomes
  • View Quiz Statistics
  • Create and bookmark a question bank
  • Discuss import options, including from an existing Canvas course, a file, and Respondus 4
  • Create a quiz with questions drawn from question bank(s)
  • Explain the differences between the four Quiz Types
  • Publish a Quiz and update after publishing


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