Occupational Leave of Absence- Disciplinary Action

Nothing in this policy shall prevent Samuel Merritt University from taking disciplinary action, up to and including termination, for inappropriate workplace conduct discovered before or during an employee's Leave of Absence, so long as such conduct is unrelated to the leave.

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Occupational Leave of Absence- Leave's Effect on Reinstatement

Employees returning from a Leave of Absence, as it applies to the policies listed above, are entitled to reinstatement to the same or comparable position consistent with applicable law. The University retains the right to deny reinstatement to an employee returning from Family Care and Medical Leave who are among the highest paid ten percent (10%) of the University's employees and whose reinstatement would cause substantial and grievous economic injury to the University's operations.

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Occupational Leave of Absence -Required Documentation Upon Return from Leave

When an employee returns from an approved Leave of Absence, he/she must provide Human Resources with a medical certification from his/her medical provider that the employee is able to perform all the essential functions of the job with/without a reasonable accommodation and a confirmed return date. If the employee believes that a reasonable accommodation is necessary, the employee must immediately notify the Human Resources Department and engage in an interactive process with the University.

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Occupational Leave of Absence- Communication During Occupational Leave

Employees shall personally keep the Human Resources Department informed of the ongoing status of the illness or injury and their intent to return to work, with immediate notice required of any change. In cases of emergency, telephone calls or other personal contact through a third party are an acceptable way to keep the Human Resources Department initially informed of the status of the illness or injury.

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Occupational Leave of Absence-Purpose

The University recognizes the importance to individual employees for a safe and healthy work environment. Occasionally, members of the SMU community may need time off from work for certain medical conditions arising from employment situations. Through its leave of absence policies (HR 020.1, HR 020.2, and HR 0202.3), the University provides employees a mechanism whereby a leave of absence can be requested and granted, within the appropriate requirements of the law.

Return to Work from Military Leave

When employees return from Military Duty, every attempt will be made, within the legal guidelines, to reinstate the employee to a position equivalent to the one they left before service. At times circumstances may have changed during the employee's absence that will make it impossible or unreasonable for the University to rehire the employee following their uniformed service, i.e. a reduction in workforce.


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