Student Computer Printing- Policy

The University provides on-campus students a mechanism for printing computer documents at a fee and in a manner similar to that used for copying machines.  However, Samuel Merritt University faculty are obliged to provide enrolled students with a printed copy of the course syllabus and all other documents necessary to participate in the course.


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Mobile Communications Devices-Policy

  1. Drivers on all California roadways are prohibited from using a handheld wireless telephone while operating a motor vehicle (Vehicle Code (VC) §23123).  In adherence to California state law, employees are required to use a hands-free accessory when using a mobile phone while driving.  The University will not be held liable in cases where an employee has been involved in any type of vehicular incident while using a University provided mobile communications device.

Faculty and Staff Printers


All faculty persons will have access from their office computer to networked color and black & white laser printers.

All staff persons will have access from their office computer to networked black & white laser printers.

All networked printing systems are fully supported by ITS Help Services.  ITS will supply consumable (excluding paper) products as well as maintaining functionality and serviceability of network printers and multifunction printing systems.

Disposition of Mac Computers- Policy

  • As a standard, new faculty persons upon request will receive a Dell brand desktop or laptop personal computer, including university standard software, to be used throughout the term of instructional assignment.  PC users are assured that software applications and information systems supported by the university are compatible with the assigned personal computer.

Employee Advance for Business Expenses-Policy

The University recognizes that situations may occur where advance funding is needed in order for an employee to make a required business trip.  This policy addresses employees receiving necessary funds to ensure there are no personal expenditures.


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