Turn off/on email notification for update requests

The department head automatically receives an email each time an employee within his or her department submits a contact information change.  To turn off this feature:


  • 1. Click on the ‘My Department' tab
  • 2. Click the ‘Edit' button for the employee you wish to edit
  • 3. Click the ‘Edit' under ‘Member of these Departments' for the department of your choice
  • 4. Uncheck the ‘Receive request email' checkbox
  • 5. Click ‘Update' to commit changes

Requests for New Technology

New technology is considered as any technology product or solution that is not currently in-service at SMU or supported by an SMU service organization such as IT, Media Services, Facilities, Library Services, or an outside vendor. This principle can be applied to equipment hardware platforms, software products, and information systems.

Requests for Computer Hardware and Software

The SMU IT Department is responsible for purchasing, configuring, deploying, and maintaining all technology equipment and software owned by the University.  To acquire technology equipment and/or software for business or instructional use, please submit a request using the Computer Hardware and Software Request Form.  All requests require approval by the IT Department, based on user eligibility and technical compatibility with University systems.

Technology Support-Service Requests

  1. Request Tracking - All requests for technical support are logged in a centralized tracking system, allowing for Helpdesk personnel to keep record of their progress, and for requestors to check the status of requests in real time.
  2. Request Assignment - Each request will be assigned to a technical support specialist, based on the nature of the request. The assigned technician will communicate directly with the requestor through the resolution process.


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