Access and Use of Shared Drives and the University Website -Policy is a secure file server used to store private and shared documents created and maintained by faculty and staff of Samuel Merritt University.  All University employees shall have access to the following virtual drives:

  • "DATA" (F-Drive): The contents of this folder are important documents used by Univesrity employees. These include working copies of policies and procedures, forms, logos, and more. Access to the data on this volume is subject to restriction based on employee job titles and roles.
  • "USERS" (X-Drive): All University faculty and staff members have a private folder inside "USERS" designated for storage of personal, work-related data.

Documents stored on the F-Drive or the X-Drive are considered to be 'working copies' and not 'official' documents. is the official university website.  Members of the university community may gain access to restricted areas of the site by logging in.  The university website is the single source of official electronic documents and information related to Samuel Merritt University.


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