Employee-Owned Electrical Equipment- Policy

  1. No employee-owned equipment may be used in the University that is not approved by the Facilities Department.
  2. Portable electric heaters ("space heaters") are not allowed. Employees bringing heaters into University buildings will be asked to remove them from the premises immediately.
  3. Other electrical appliances with heating elements are prohibited. These appliances include:
    1. Toasters, toaster ovens and other cooking devices
    2. Refrigerators
    3. Heating pads
    4. Coffee makers/coffee warmers are permitted ONLY in a department's lounge or break area if they have a three-wire grounded cord and are inspected and approved by the Facilities Department prior to use.
  4. Microwave ovens (three-wire grounded power cord only) are allowed ONLY in lounge and break areas, subject to approval by the Facilities Department. Microwave ovens not used properly will be confiscated.
  5. Portable fans are prohibited unless approved for use by the Facilities Department.
  6. The use of extension cords, multiple plug strips and adapters must be approved by the Facilities Department.

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