On a regular basis, not less frequently than once per year, the Plan sponsor shall monitor each investment fund option which may include but not limited to the following criteria:

  1. Performance measurement relative to appropriate benchmark over 1, 3, and 5 years.
  2. Performance measurement relative to appropriate peer group over 1, 3, and 5 years.
  3. Risk adjusted performance measures.
  4. Portfolio turnovers.
  5. Style drift or other major changes to investment objectives.
  6. Credit quality of issues.
  7. Changes in fund asset size and investment related expenses.
  8. Large industry sector concentrations.
  9. Portfolio management and personnel changes.
  10. Other criteria as deemed necessary by the employer to fulfill fiduciary duties under ERISA.

The Plan review may include but not be limited to, a review of the current financial market developments as well as participant asset allocations between investment funds and overall review of the current recordkeeping and reporting systems.

Samuel Merritt University may make arrangements with the Plan service providers and asset managers to receive appropriate documentation to assist with the monitoring/evaluating of the fund performance. The Finance Committee may use outside consulting/brokerage firms and other third party independent sources in fulfilling these tasks.

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