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BAS Committee Members


Name Email Phone # Title Status
Archibald, Kevin 5530 Admin. Asst.III - HSSC Active
Bagley, Jenine 4664 ASU Asst.-Admissions Active
Boxton, Kenneth 6967 Asst. Dean of Operations-SON Dept. Chair
Carrasco, Pamela 1525 Admin Asst-Diversity Active
Caya, Gena L. 8628 Admin Asst IV-Alumni Affairs Active
Chiu, Linda 4367 Admin Asst. -Physical Therapy Active
Crowder, Alexandra 3818 Project Coordinator-SON Dept. Active
Eaglin, Dawn D. 6129 Admin Asst.III-PA Dept. Active
Eaton, Jim 510-655-4000 x4869 Dir Procurement/Matls Mgmt-ABSMC Active
Emerson, Jill 6609 Director-Finance Active
Flores, Celia 916-646-2763 Admin Asst-Sacramento Learning Center Active
Garrett, Ronda 1589 Contract Specialist Active
Gray, Christina 6129 Admin Asst. III-SON Dept. Active
Grefal, Mary 3493 Program Coordinator-IT Active
Harris, Corine 8613 Manager- Accounting Active
Hirota, Jamie Sue 6647 Assistant to the VP of Academic Affairs Active
Johnson, LaTorri 1509 Campus Service Center Active
Kasper, Karin E. 650-292-5575 Admin. Asst. III-San Mateo LC Active
Lane, Karen B. 8926 Program Manager-SON Dept. Active
Lemmer, Katherine L. 2582 Clinical Coordinator-SON Dept. Active
Marymee, Jolayne 8242 General Account-ABSMC Active
McWilliams, Kathleen S. 6715 Assistant to the VP of Enrollment Active
Mecu, Gladys 4724 Assistant to the Dean of Nursing Active
Medakovic, Andrea 510-869-6511 x4465 Business Office Specialist Active
Paniagua, Veronica 6744 Exec Asst.-Academic Affairs Active
Peterson, Margrette K. 6512 Exec. Asst. to the Pres. Active
Rizzo, Tina L. 916-646-2766 Admin. Asst.III-Sacramento Learning Center Active
Rodriguez, Alejandro 3818 Admin Asst. III-Office of the Pres. Active
Roina, Laurie 916-646-2769 Admin. Asst. III-Sacramento Learning Center Active
Sabry, Jamillah 8926 Admin Asst.-SON Graduate Active
Salas, Maria 5351 Admin. Asst.-HR Active
Salazar, Ron 1590 Admin. Asst.-Financial Aid Active
Sanchez, Elena 8727 Admin Asst IV-CSPM Active
Singh, Cindy 3765 Admin.Asst. II-SON Dept. Active
Smith, Joy 5245 Asst. to the VP-Finance Active
Southall, Michaele

650-292-4311 Admin. Asst.-SFPLC Active
Stollon, Nancy 650-292-4309 Admin Asst.-SFPLC Active
Thomas, Markcus 5763 GL Accountant Active
Tran-Sota, Thom 3694 Library Technician-Library Active
Villanueva, Marjorie A. 650-292-5565 Admin. Asst.III-San Mateo Learning Center Active
Ward, Drew 8925 Admin. Secretary III- OT/PT Active
Williams, Asha 6731 Special Projects Technician-Business Office Active
Wilson, Trisha 510-655-4000 x3103 Accounts Payable Active