SMU Biosafety Committee

The SMU Biosafety Committee is responsible for monitoring and ensuring the safe operation the university teaching and research laboratories. The Committee meets regularly to review current conditions and establish the working protocols in accordance with established standards. All laboratory course work and special research projects are preapproved by the Committee and regularly reviewed when work is ongoing.

Below are links to several Biosafety documents that are an essential reference for all faculty and students working in a laboratory. Included is the SMU Biosafety Manual and Biological Use Authorization (BUA). The BUA must be completed by any Principal Investigator (PI) who intends to either teach a laboratory course or conduct a research project using biological materials. Additional documents include those used to renew or extend existing approved projects and Incident Report.

  1. SMU Biosafety Manual
  2. Biological Use Authorization (BUA) (For initial project approvals)
  3. Biological Use Authorization (BUA) Continuing Review (For annual ongoing project review)
  4. Biological Use Authorization (BUA) Amendment (Use for changes to an approved BUA)
  5. Student Policy Agreement (All BSL-2 workers must complete this.)
  6. Laboratory Incident Report (Use for any adverse event or injury.)
  7. Laboratory Inspection Checklist, BSL-2 (Use for compliance audit.)

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