Using Bomgar to Start a Remote Support Session

What is Bomgar?

Bomgar is software the Services Desk uses to access your computer.  It allows a support technician to assist you remotely.  He can troubleshoot by watching you perform a task, or take control to provide a solution.

Bomgar is set up so that you can initiate a remote session. You will either use the Bomgar Button, or go to the Remote Support Portal

Using the Bomgar Button

This is the most efficient way to connect with a Service Desk to start a remote session. When the Service Desk technician asks you to start a Bomgar session, you:

  1. Find the Bomgar Button and double click it to connect the service.
    If you cannot find the button, please contact the Service Desk.
    Bomgar Button

  2. Click to approve the remote session so that the technician can connect to your computer.
    The SMU Remote Support window appears.

  3. Select Connect with Support Team.
    The Customer Agreement dialog box opens.
    Customer Agreement
  4. Select I have read and agree to the terms above.
    A support technician can now connect with your computer.

Using the Remote Support Portal

To initiate a remote session independently, you:

  1. Go to:
    The Remote Support Portal window appears.
    Remote Support Portal

  2. Under Representatives, select the technician’s name.
    Note:You will only see a name if a technician is available for a remote session.

  3. Click through the prompts to download and install a small program, and then you can start the remote session.

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