Share your SMU story!

Calling all alums! Join the University community as we honor our past, celebrate our present and inspire our future. We are interested in learning whatever it is you most want to tell about your time spent at Samuel Merritt University (SMU).

Please take a moment to describe your favorite memory at SMU. Let us know how the University has helped inspire you to positively change the face of health care delivery in diverse communities, share an anecdote or moment of self-discovery, a story of friendship, or of a favorite faculty or staff. Your unique and personal reflections will help capture the essence of Samuel Merritt University.

We hope the list of suggested questions will trigger your memories, but please don't feel restricted to them.

Suggested Questions  

Below are some suggested topics to spark your memories. Feel free to speak to any of them or on a topic of your own choosing.

  • What significant event in history happened during your College / University years?

  • What was the biggest advancement in technology / communications during your school years?

  • What was "fashionable" among young people in clothing, music, behavior?

  • What one word best describes SMU during your College / University years? Why?

  • Are there any words of wisdom you'd like to pass along to today's students?

  • Was there a faculty or staff who had a particularly strong influence in your life? Tell us about him/her.

  • Do you have any favorite stories from SMU?


Share Your Memories

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