Community of Practice

Help us create CIEL's community of practice

We’re building CIEL together. Our vision so far is grounded in these principles:

  • Robust interprofessional collaboration;
  • Respect for the value diversity brings to us and appreciation for the ways that inclusivity enriches our communities;
  • Respect for each person’s physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs;
  • Encouragement and support that empowers us to develop our personal talents and interests while providing the necessary resources for success;
  • Intentional preservation of time and space for creativity and innovation;
  • Encouragement and opportunities to embrace change, confront daunting challenges, and celebrate experiences of learning;
  • Timely, clear, and open communication;
  • A mutual commitment to earning each other’s trust.

Pilot and assess pedagogical strategies
Rapidly changing expectations for the healthcare professions require faculty and staff to be engaged in continuous learning to support our students’ achievement of course, program, and institutional learning outcomes.


Integrate interprofessional education into your curriculum
Interprofessional education (IPE) prepares students for the increasingly complex and collaborative work of being a health professional. During IPE, students learn about and from each other to improve collaboration for better patient care. Developing our IPE curriculum will also help faculty be more interprofessional in their practice.

SMU’s IPE Passport curriculum will be launched in the 2019-2020 academic year. We’ll add an IPE Passport tool to Resources soon.



Developing students into health professions educators
Transforming healthcare education practice includes fostering the growth of tomorrow’s healthcare educators. SMU’s Nursing Faculty of Tomorrow (NFT) is one such program. NFT provides opportunities for students to explore a nursing teaching career by working closely with supervising faculty in a class, lab, or clinical setting. For NFT, contact Teri Gwin. Help us develop more programs like this:


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