Diversity & Inclusion

To further the University’s mission of addressing health inequities, we are working to build a more inclusive and just campus environment. Workshops and resources for faculty and staff will help us:

  • Integrate valuable diverse perspectives into our teaching and clinical practice.
  • Include materials about structural competency and upstream causes of health inequities in our curriculum.
  • Prepare our students to analyze the social conditions that make people sick and create obstacles to wellness.
  • Graduate practitioners who improve health equity through their clinical practice, advocacy, and collaboration with community partners.

For help diversifying your curriculum or expanding your teaching practice, or to join our research workshop for faculty of color, contact Mary McCall, Faculty Diversity Coordinator. 

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Ethnic Health Institute

HEALERS and HEALS Training

Structural Competency Working Group (Bay Area)
Founded in 2014, this group includes healthcare and public health professionals and trainees, social scientists, students, social workers, educators, and community members working to develop a framework for teaching structural competency, which we define as the capacity for health professionals to recognize and respond to illness as a downstream effect of broad social, political, and economic structures. Our goal is for this framework to be integrated into the curricula for all of the health professions. 

Structural Competency Workshops

SMU Structural Determinants of Health Nursing Curriculum Integration Task Force

Holistic Admission Review

Community Reads Series and Community Reads Faculty Guides

2018 SMU Professional Enrichment Day
The 2018 SMU Professional Enrichment Day held on September 4, 2018 featured a plenary session titled “Structural Determinants of Health & Allegories on Race & Racism” by Camara P. Jones, MD, MPH, PhD, Associate Professor, Community Health & Preventive Medicine and Senior Fellow, Satcher Health Leadership Institute and Cardiovascular Research Institute, Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia. Click here to view a recording of the keynote address.

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