Let's create a culture of wellness at SMU that includes workshops and resources for faculty and staff to help:

  • Integrate self-care into our lives
  • Teach our students about self-care for themselves and their future patients

Wellness and self-care have many facets. We’ve chosen these pillars to organize our work together. We invite you to share your expertise in these areas with the CIEL community.


Nourishment: healthy and mindful eating

Movement: dance, yoga, walking, using a standing desk

Habits of mind and heart: mindfulness, meditation, cultivating an open mind and heart, examining attitudes and beliefs

Connection: connections with community

Lifestyle: sleep, healthy habits


Here’s an easy place to start: Hold a walking meeting with a student or colleague, or walk the 700 healthy steps from Peralta Pavilion to CIEL’s Oakland location.


Get involved with CIEL Wellness

  • Participate in the upcoming CIEL Wellness Workshops for Faculty & Staff
  • Add wellness to your curriculum and integrate it into your teaching
  • Collaborate with us to create regular self-care activities at CIEL: walks, group meditations, and other activities you have to offer to the community.


Multi-Cultural Wellness Walk
In collaboration with East Bay Regional Park District, the Ethnic Health Institute invites you to join us for our Multi-Cultural Wellness Walk on Saturday, May 11, 2019 at Martin Luther King Jr.-Shoreline Observation Tower, in Oakland from 9am-12pm.

Our intention is for the walk to serve as motivation to continue the promotion of health and wellness throughout the year while exposing diverse community members to parks system and the benefits of physical activity and stress management in nature. Please see the flyer below for more information. Click here to register.


The Happiness Effect: An Intrinsic Approach to Self-care: Coming Spring 2019

SMU Community Yoga: Coming Spring 2019

Mind-Body Stress Relief (webinar): Coming Spring 2019


If you are interested, but unable to attend a workshop, please let us know of times you that work better.
Do you want a workshop you don’t see here?
Are you interested in giving a workshop?
Questions? Contact Christine Broz or Liz Kleine


Wellness resources

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