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Current Offerings

Academic Affairs


Health Sciences Simulation Center (HSSC)
The HSSC is an American Heart Association (AHA) Training Center.  We will be offering the following certifications:


  • Foundations 1: Orientation to the HSSC and simulation-based learning for Samuel Merritt faculty, staff, and students. This course is in development and will be available on the HSSC Canvas site soon. In the meantime, please access the existing HSSC Canvas site, it is a great resource.
  • Foundations 2: Developing simulation expertise, including developing scenarios for your course and debriefing simulation participants: coming Fall 2018.
    • Simulation Debriefing Workshop: monthly, for faculty using simulation in courses
    • Nursing Faculty of Tomorrow simulation component, for NFT fellows
  • Foundations 3: Simulation Education Apprenticeship and Simulation Technology Apprenticeship: coming January 2019.



Samuel Merritt University Libraries


Academic & Instructional Innovation
Check out A&II workshops and reserve your spot.

  • Improving your courses with Canvas and Canvas Best Practices
  • Creating and managing educational media with Panopto
  • Core pedagogical competencies (coming soon)
  • Improving student engagement and long-term memory (coming soon)
  • Improving student engagement with active classroom/active learning best practices (coming soon)
  • Creating powerful presentations (coming soon)
  • Hybrid and online course and program support (coming soon)
  • Orientation for online faculty
  • Best practices for online and hybrid teaching (coming soon)


Faculty Org Research Committee (FORC)


Office of Diversity and Inclusion


Motion Analysis Research Center (MARC)

  • Summer course in gait analysis (coming soon)
  • Summer course in balance safety and fall prevention (coming soon)


Information Technology Services

  • For workshops on new software programs, check the Employee Learning Network
    (note: the Employee Learning Network may be accessed while on the SMU network or via VPN when outside the SMU network)


Human Resources


More tools and individual consultation services are listed under Services, Tools & Resources. Check CIEL’s Wellness and Diversity & Inclusion pages for workshops and resources for those topics.

In case you are unable to attend in person, we plan to make recordings and videos of past workshops available to the community.


2018-2019 Events

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