Diabetes Club

Welcome to the Diabetes Club at Samuel Merritt University

Diabetes is a growing epidemic with a devastating physical, emotional and financial toll on the US. It kills more Americans each year than AIDS and breast cancer combined. According to Hartford Medical Group, foot problems affect as many as 70% of people with diabetes and 6% of people with diabetic foot ulcers are hospitalized each year because of complications of diabetes.

The Interdisciplinary SMU Diabetes Clubs’ purpose is to create a symbiotic relationship between students, various local diabetes organizations, as well as the diabetic population- our future patients. Diabetes Club members will foster knowledge and awareness within the community through public talks, organize Samuel Merritt University (SMU) team-based walks (Walk for Diabetes around the Bay Area), provide support for an ever-growing diabetic population through, for example, volunteering in health screenings, all while resume building and expanding exposure of Samuel Merritt University's future health care professionals to the their future patient population. Our contacts at local diabetes associations have also agreed to work with the Diabetes club to create interactive learning opportunities for both the diabetic population and SMU students.
Click here for upcoming Diabetes Club events.

Club meetings will include, but are not limited to, advocacy and fundraising, creating awareness within the community, and promoting knowledge to those at risk or living with the disease.

We are looking for SMU students to fill the positions of club Secretary and Treasurer. If interested, please contact us ASAP.  Helen Shnol (helen.shnol@samuelmerritt.edu) and Sara Shirazi (sara.shirazi@samuelmerritt.edu)

Club Co-Presidents
Helen Shnol (helen.shnol@samuelmerritt.edu)
Sara Shirazi (sara.shirazi@samuelmerritt.edu)

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Cherri S. Choate at CSPM.

Join now!
All SMU Students (all programs!) are encouraged to join and apply for leadership positions. You may add your name to our roster via the link and pay dues at the next meeting (date is TBD). Email Sara Shirazi.


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