Disability Resource Center Contact Information

Email Addresses:

Director, Elisa Laird-Metke: elaird-metke@samuelmerritt.edu
All inquiries: drc@samuelmerritt.edu
To contact the Campus Service Center regarding scheduled exams: drctesting@samuelmerritt.edu or 510.879.9200.

Campus Location:

The DRC office and Testing Room are temporaily located on the second floor of the Peralta Pavilion building, suite 2800 (around the corner from the bookstore).

Mailing Address: 

3100 Telegraph Ave., Suite 1000
Oakland, California 94609
Phone: 510.879.9233
Fax: 510.457.2628

Hours of Operation:

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
early mornings or evenings by appointment

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