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Business Administration Services Committee

The Business and Administrative Services Committee (BASC) is the brainchild of Ronda Garrett and Greg Gingras, designed to share pertinent information from the Finance Division with the Samuel Merritt University (SMU) community in a timely manner.

The committee engages in conversations across the various campuses via the Tandberg video conferencing system. The committee invites those interested to look through the archives (thanks to Mary Grefal and Michael Tam for creating the links and uploads).

BASC also disseminates information about upcoming events, including Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month, guest speakers, partnerships with the Alameda Food Bank and Registrar of Voters, HIStory and HERstory, HR Updates, and more.

The committee rotates in-person meetings between the various learning center sites to create a sense of cohesiveness and inclusivity. The last meeting was held in Sacramento.

Committee chair Kenneth Boxton, Assistant Vice-President/Controller in the Division of Finance & Administration, said the committee is revising its charter to reflect that it meets quarterly and plans to establish a link to the President's Council to share information from the committee.

A BASC Planning Committee was created and is looking for participants to join in 2013. Contact Kenneth Boxton at for more information.


Front Row (left to right) : Thatcher Wright, Tina Rizzo, Laurie Roina, Rene Englehart, Mary Grefal – Back Row: Kenneth Boxton, Marcus Walton, and Margrette Peterson. Not shown is Rick Roberts.