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This season let's take a moment to fall back and recall all of our accomplishments we've done up to this season.  Everywhere we look as a community, we see challenges.  This sentiment holds true not only for the SMU community, but for colleges and universities across the country.  It's easy to become so focused on those challenges and the opportunities they provide, that we forget the individual or smaller-scale achievements that when considered as a whole, can be awe-inspiring.  At least that's how I felt when compiling the stories for the 2010 fall issue of eNews.

Throughout my search for stories, I kept coming back to one central theme: service.  In this edition, learn the motivation behind Dr. Gail Widener's research on Multiple Sclerosis, or why Dr. Sharon Gorman spent three weeks providing physical therapy services to displaced patients in Haiti.  Discover how Dr. Michael DeRosa plans to help fill the gap created by a shortage of primary care physicians by traveling to rural areas in Northern California and the main island of Hawaii.

Find out what the Men Allied for Nursing and Education organization did to receive a national recognition award and what Dr. Cecily Cosby is doing to bring awareness to the problem of anti-transgender violence.  And the message of service continues in our story about nursing students serving up new ways to help combat obesity in young children.

These are just some of the stories you'll find in the fall issue of eNews, but we begin with a special tribute to Mary Robinson, a remarkable woman whose positive view on life touched everyone she knew.

As we continue to expand our communications reach, showcasing innovation, academic programs achievements, and the educational work we do, ideas or suggestions for future eNews articles are welcome.

Thank you.

Elizabeth Valente
Associate Director of Publications & Media Relations
Editor, eNews


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