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Several times a year eNews spotlights University students, faculty, staff and alumni as well as our collective efforts to embrace, celebrate and appreciate our diverse community

In this Fall/Winter issue of eNEWS learn how some professors, staff, students, and departments all serve as links to the community in our region and state, in the academic community, and across the globe.  Read what the Master of Occupational Therapy Department did to promote the clients’ progress towards their occupational therapy goals.  Or how nursing students from the San Francisco Learning Center benefit from putting together a vaccination clinic, and why FNP students are tackling the diabetes epidemic.  Also, learn why professors from top universities in Japan are coming to SMU.

As always you can help shape the next issue by sending your ideas or suggestions to the eNEWS editor, anytime!  We are especially interested in learning of stories about faculty research, student learning, community involvement and accomplishments to share with the SMU community.


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Elizabeth Valente
Associate Director of Publications & Media Relations
Editor, eNEWS