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ABSN Students Return from Medical Mission to Laos

Errin Simko preparing for Wellness Clinic Eliza Doeschl, Alban Ng and Melanie Tansuwan at Foot Clinic Jesse Tung and Fawn Amonpant at Wellness Clinic Garry Johnson chatting with villager at clinic. Peter Miskin assessing baby in Nam Ng Village. Students visit the cave shelters used by villagers from 1966-1972 during Vietnam War Nong Kiauw Village and Ou River Staff at Hospital in Nong Kiauw Village Teaching elementary students in Ban Nae village Working with other nursing students in Luang Prabang Medical College (LPMC) SMU and LPMC nursing students Ashley Goesling with a villager at Wellness Clinic Patricia Wong putting vitamins in bags for Wellness Clinic Pre-Dawn students waiting to give Alms to Monks MedShare supplies donated to Hospital 107 in Luang Prabang