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SMU Associate Professor Richard Rocco, PhD,  Assistant Professor Christina Lewis, PhD, Shirley Burton, service coordinator at Allen Arms      SFPLC ABSN students in session

SMU Faculty Share Health Expertise with Inquisitive Seniors

Seniors concerned about their health have limited time when visiting their physicians to ask questions about how to best manage their medical conditions. But that all changes for the residents ...

Sacramento Regional Learning Center Increasing its Size and Opportunities

These are exciting days for Samuel Merritt University's Sacramento Regional Learning Center. A physical expansion now underway means that the center will provide...

SMU Receives Nursing Scholarship Funds for Fifth Consecutive Year

Samuel Merritt University was awarded a $100,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to provide scholarship funds for underrepresented...  

Learning Apps   Raji Menon   Dr. Carmen Nevarez at Fontaine before presenting 'Latinos and the Affordable Health Care Act'

Recommended Apps For Collaboration and Productivity

Mobile devices in hand, more than 30 Samuel Merritt University (SMU) students and faculty members attended a recent technology workshop to learn virtual ways of getting organized...


Educating Others in Obstetrics: Raji Menon

Longtime Samuel Merritt University faculty member Raji Menon says most obstetric providers lack experience in appropriate resuscitative measures during maternal arrests since they happen so infrequently... 


SMU Celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month

Samuel Merritt University (SMU) paid tribute to Hispanic Heritage Month with events and exhibits designed to highlight the contributions of people of Latino descent. 

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