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New CSPM Logo Samuel Merritt College (SMC) and the California School of Podiatric Medicine (CSPM) recently unveiled a new graphic identity intended to give the institution a unique and distinguished look. The graphic design was created by Shelby Designs and Illustrates (SDI). The College has been working with SDI for more than three years and has formulated a 'beautiful' relationship, according to Shelby Tupper, owner and lead designer.

The introduction of the new look represents a restructuring of the SMC publications identity to represent a more vibrant and colorful world in which its students, faculty and administrators work together.

"The new CSPM graphic identity was developed to convey the field of podiatry without using any cliché images like feet," said Will Yang, Shelby Design Illustrated Graphic Designer. "The final solution relies on the arrangement and relationship between the four letters "CSPM" arranged so that the 'P M' looks like a step down and the 'C S' like a step up. In either case, it is a nod to stepping up or down with our feet, or the act of walking."

Along with CSPM's new look, SDI also came up with a new admission acceptance packet. The design concept was created to complement the 'feeling' that a prospective student, who had been accepted to SMC, would experience.

"We wanted to convey that importance and excitement in a bold and dynamic way," said Yang. "The concentric oval shapes suggest a convergence of ideas, with SMC leading the way. The curves are also inspired by the dynamic shapes in the universalis centralis."

One of the next big projects for the Office of the President (OP) communications department is to redesign the publication look for the 2009 Centennial and in response to the anticipated change from College to University. The decision to change the name requires approval by SMC Board of Regents and the boards of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center (ABSMC) and Sutter Health. The decision to become "SMU," or some similiar acronym, if approved, would be unveiled in the College's Centennial year.

The OP communications department is responsible for the direction and management of SMC publications and media relations function for the College. By expanding ideas in the traditional and new media the College's publication focus is to promote, identify and educate the community about SMC.

To learn more about SMC in the news, log onto the Media Relations and Newsroom webpage to view published articles.

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