Saulo Lewis Looking to Create a Learning Community at San Mateo Learning Center

Managing Director of SMLC Mileva Saulo Lewis As the new Managing Director of the San Mateo Learning Center (SMLC), Mileva Saulo Lewis, EdD, RN, Associate Professor, says she is excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead. With nearly 50-years as a Registered Nurse with direct patient care and experience as a nurse executive, Dr. Lewis is a perfect fit for her role. She holds a doctoral degree in Education, Organization & Leadership and, prior to joining SMC, served as an Assistant Dean of Faculty for the academic division of a local community college in New York.

"Everyone who knows Mileva is aware of her dedication to excellence in the classroom and her professionalism," said Audrey Berman, PhD, RN, AOCN, Professor and Dean of School of Nursing. "Though we shall miss her enthusiasm in Oakland, we know she is providing the same high quality education at another SMC campus."

Doctor Saulo Lewis oversees SMLC services and programs, and hires and leads the faculty and administrative team. Along with her duties as the Vice President of Faculty Organization and Chair of Faculty Affairs, she is also continuing her work as an Associate Professor.

"I am teaching students that the role of a professional is to impact social policy and use their influence to change a protocol at the hospital level or to use their nursing knowledge in working with community health organizations," stated Saulo Lewis.

At SMLC, her focus is creating a learning community and enriching the environment.

"This involves lots of conversation, and listening to the learners, the staff, and the faculty." "We are close to having a complement of full time faculty that will be dedicated to the learning center without dividing their time between two or three campuses, or being short term adjunct faculty. This continuity will strengthen our educational mission."

Saulo Lewis started at Samuel Merritt College (SMC) in 2000 as Chair of the Intercollegiate Nursing Program. She came to SMC from the University of Southern California where she had been Director of Graduate Nursing Programs.

"At one point at Samuel Merritt, I was in charge of all pre-licensure education which included the intercollegiate program, bringing the 2+2 program on board, and initiating the Accelerated Bachelors of science in Nursing (ABSN)."

In the Fall 2006, Saulo Lewis resigned from her position to start a faculty development program for those who are newly hired, or enter their mid to late career. When she is not immersed in teaching, her concentration falls to her love of music. To her, music is a metaphor of how people learn.

"Nursing, like music, pushes you out of your comfort zone. Being a nurse means paying attention to the tone of the patients need."


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