Faculty gets hot on Research

The Second Annual Faculty Science Symposium was held in the Health Education Center (HEC) on May 11th with dozens of faculty, staff and students on hand to hear the latest faculty research and presentations.

Some of the research focused on community programs—such as Rhonda Ramirez’s, EdD, FNP, “Resilience, Recovery and the Red Road: Native American Youth Refiguring Tribal Identity.” Her research illustrates the work she is doing with Native American high school teens from Alameda to combat substance and alcohol abuse.

Some presentations were based on genetics—such as published author and part-time faculty instructor Richard Rocco, PhD. His work on “One Size Does Not Fit All in the Age of Pharmacogenomics” is the study of how individual genetic inheritance affects the patient’s response to drugs.

There were also some ‘shock value’ studies like Rye Huber’s, PhD, RN, “Surprise! Recent Findings in Gender Differences in Health” showing that research is needed about women outside of the reproduction studies.

“These presentations are examples of the important research and scholarship being completed by our faculty this year,” said Penny Bamford, PhD, RN, Interim Academic Vice President.  “It is a privilege and honor to work with such innovative faculty; their work contributes to increasing a knowledge base, sets an example for students, and is key to our mission and vision.”

Along with slideshows some faculty presented work on poster boards such as:

Marion Anderson, DNSc, RN, “Volunteer Opportunities with Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO)—Example of One Volunteer’s Experiences in Cambodia”

Terry Nordstrom, MA, PT, and Deborah Block, PhD, “Complexity-Based Ethics: Martin Buber and Dynamic Self-Organization”

Cecily Cosby, PhD, FNP, PA-C, “Hematologic Disorders Associated with HIV and AIDS”

Sylvia Fox, PhD, RN, “Nursing in Eritrea: International Health Care Consultation—University of Asmara and Ministry of Health”

“Some faculty couldn’t make the symposium because they were teaching a class so they submitted posters showing charts, photos that organized the research, data, materials and method,” said Eric Stamps, DPM, Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs. “It’s amazing they find the time to do all this research and teach a course as well.”

Faculty Achievement Luncheon

Some posters became a ‘hot’ topic at the event such as the presentation by Cecily Cosby, PhD, FNP, PA-C, “Medical Aesthetics—What’s Hot, What’s Not”. Her research highlighted award winning writer Rafe Esquith’s ‘Hair On Fire’ theory about a passionate teacher so committed to teaching a science project that he failed to notice that his hair caught on fire. It was this topic that prompted Dr. Cosby to begin the awards program this past year. The response was, well, ‘hot.’

“This is more a venue for sharing information among the different departments because we each do different things and don’t always have the time or knowledge on what other faculty members are working on,” said Stamp.

Next year some faculty members are contemplating adding a competition element and judge each presentation on scientific merit.

The event ended in a luncheon recognizing several faculty members for their degree completion, grants, presentations and publications and honors and awards.

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