SMC Defined Institutional Purpose

SMC recently began preparations for two separate accreditation reviews scheduled for 2009 and 2011. The purpose is to measure and assess the effectiveness of the institution in accordance with the Standards of Accreditation defined by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, or WASC. WASC is the regional accrediting agency responsible for accrediting colleges and universities which offer the baccalaureate degree or higher in California, Hawaii, Guam, and the Pacific Basin.

To pass the accreditation reviews, the College must demonstrate that it meets or exceeds the WASC Standards, which are:

  • defining institutional purposes and ensuring educational objectives objectives
  • achieving educational objectives through core functions
  • developing and applying resources and organizational structures to ensure sustainability
  • creating an organization committed to learning and improving

Being an accredited institution not only signifies a standard of quality, but also qualifies institutions to receive federal financial aid. SMC is also keeping the promise that as a WASC accredited institution, it meets rigorous standards and provides quality education for students.

In May, the first phase of the accreditation process, the Institutional Proposal, was completed. The purpose of the Institutional Proposal is to define the design of the review, and SMC has based its design to achieve the new College vision, and strengthen the culture of assessment.

The accreditation process also involves two site visits. The first visit is called the Capacity and Prepatory Review (CPR), and the second visit is called the Educational Effectiveness Review (EER).

The CPR will involve the entire campus — faculty, staff, and students — to focus on institutional purposes, integrity, resources, and organizational structures. The EER will involve primarily faculty, to examine College educational objectives, student learning outcomes, and learning performance.

The WASC Steering Committee (WSC) is responsible for managing the review process. The WSC members are: co-chairs Penny Bamford and Stephanie Bangert, Scot Foster, Donna Breger-Stanton, Cecily Cosby, Nandini Dasgupta, Vicki Davis, John Garten-Shuman, Greg Gingras, Diane Hansen, Richard MacIntyre, Terry Nordstrom, Barbara Ryken, Irma Walker-Adame, Jamie Hirota, and Amy Anderson.

Download the Institutional Proposal, submitted on May 15 and currently under review by WASC peers and staff.

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