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Welcome to the new look of eNEWS!  This month's theme is dedication to a diverse community.  In this summer issue of eNEWS learn how some professors, staff, students, and departments all serve as links to the community in our region and state, in the academic community, and across the globe.  Whether that community is in Oakland, the Sierras, or even Haiti!

Diversity among institutions of higher learning is still something many schools are working hard in improving; Samuel Merritt University is no different.  The institutions diversity goal is to provide national leadership that advances diversity and equity in higher education, and the best educational practices for an increasingly diverse population.  This year SMU took another step in that direction by hiring Kathleen Roberts, the University’s Chief Diversity Director.  Read about her background and goals for SMU.  And read how diversity leadership is changing on campus among academic programs. 

As always you can help shape the next issue by sending your ideas or suggestions to the eNEWS editor, anytime!  We are especially interested in learning of stories about faculty research, student learning, community involvement and accomplishments to share with the SMU community.

Thank you.
Elizabeth Valente
Associate Director of Publications & Media Relations
Editor, eNEWS