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As 2009 ends, Samuel Merritt University looks back to another great year, starting off with the celebration of becoming a University, increased enrollment, and a successful Gala fundraiser.   Only one thing can properly end this year and that is with the joyous news that the John A. Graziano Memorial Library has received its matching grant!

It is often said that the 'spirit of the holiday' is within us, especially during the month of December.  However, at Samuel Merritt University, the 'spirit of the holiday' seems to resonate all year long with volunteer community service, private and group donations, and just by becoming a mentor.  If the SMU community is any indication of the hope of our future, we are in good hands. 

In this Winter edition of eNews, discover the latest forms of compassion the SMU community has given and received this season.  Learn who gave the Library its final funding to help the University meet its matching grant.  Find out which individuals are leaving a stamp on the community and how students' clinical work is making the lifestyle of each of their patients healthier and more positive.  Read how SMU is paving the path to become a better-rounded, diverse academic community and what people feel about it.  Join the Admissions Office in their celebration as they reveal the new enrollment numbers and don't forget to check out the latest gallery of photos, you may be in it!

Remember, as the Emily Post Institute says, "every situation is different, so let common sense, specific circumstances, and holiday spirit be your guides." 

Thank you.

Elizabeth Valente
Associate Director of Publications & Media Relations
Editor, eNEWS


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