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MPA Program Applications Record Breaking

A record number of applications for the fall 2010 Master Physician Assistant (MPA) program have flooded the Office of Admission this fall.

"In my 18 years of working in the Office of Admission at Samuel Merritt University, this is the first time we have ever received over 1000 applications for any program.  It is remarkable," says Anne Seed, Director of Admission. 

To date, 1089 applications have been received for the MPA program for fall 2010 and a few more are expected before the end of the year.  This represents an increase of 48 percent over last year's total number of applications.  

Pam Harrison, Associate Director of Admission, evaluates the MPA applications noting that this has been a busy and challenging application cycle for the program.  "This increase is proportional to the increased phone calls and emails from anxious students.  Every applicant is important to me so each perspective student receives the time and attention that he or she deserves.    

The target enrollment for the MPA program is 36 new students.

Article contributed by Enrollment and Student Services.


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