Division of Enrollment and Student Services

The Division of Enrollment and Student Services (ESS) is responsible for guiding students through their university  experience. From inquiry to application to graduation, staff are committed to assisting students. We strive to support all student co-curricular needs, answer questions that arise about Samuel Merritt University, and support students to realize their careers as healthcare providers. The Division is comprised of the Office of Admission, Office of Financial Aid, Office of the Registrar, Office of Student Services, Disability Resource Center, Campus Service Center, and Student Health and Counseling Center.

Dr. Terry Nordstrom
Vice President
Enrollment and Student Services


Dr. Craig Elliott 

Assistant Vice President
Enrollment and Student Services

Kathie McWilliams

Assistant to the Vice President


Peralta Medical Office Building, Suite 1000

Phone: 510.869.6715

Fax: 510.869.1518

Mailing Address: 

3100 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 1000

Oakland, California 94609

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