Badging Services

The Facilities Department is responsible for ID badge printing and distribution and for administering access to SMU facilities.

SMU Badging Office:                    
Health Education Center, 400 Hawthorne Avenue #217, Oakland, CA 94609

510-879-9200 ext. 7365

Office Hours:                                  
Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM 
– 4:30 PM (excluding holidays)

Click the link for an ID Badge Application.

First-Time Students – We will continue to produce and distribute ID badges for first time students during new student orientation periods.

New Staff Members – We will coordinate with Human Resources on issuing badges to newly hired employees and contractors who require access to SMU facilities.

New Faculty Members – We will coordinate with Department Heads on issuing badges to newly hired or contractual faculty who require access to SMU facilities.

Replacing lost, stolen, or damaged badges   Please visit the Badging office during noted office hours to obtain a replacement badge.  If you work or attend class at one of our learning centers, please inform the administrative office at your campus that you need a replacement badge.  Your replacement badge will be issued within one business day of receipt of the request.  All badge replacements are subject to a $5.00 fee.  All lost, stolen or misplaced badges should be reported immediately for safety concerns.  Students, faculty and staff are required to wear their badges at all times while at SMU.  Students, faculty and staff should also not allow non-badged persons to enter a secured area (piggy back) at any time.  In order to help ensure the safety of all at our SMU campuses, temporary badges will be a limited action, if approved moving forward.




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