FM Service Level Agreement

1.1 Purpose of the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The purpose of this Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to provide a clear explanation of the guidelines for work order request support provided by the Facility Management team to Samuel Merritt University students, faculty, and staff, and to establish expectations for timely response to customer requests for support and resolution of outstanding issues. This agreement establishes the level of support provided by the Facility Management division of Samuel Merritt University (SMU) Facility Management (FM). It identifies the roles and responsibilities of both Facility Management staff and Samuel Merritt University with the goal of improving the services offered. Any questions regarding this Service Level Agreement should be directed to the Manager, Facilities Management at 510-869-8673.

This Service Level Agreement establishes guidelines for the work order, EVS and maintenance support provided by the Facilities Management team to Samuel Merritt University Students, Faculty, and Staff in accord with the University’s missions, goals, and policies.


2.0 Baseline Services within Scope

  • Service and support will be provided by a well trained staff of men and women dedicated to the care University facilities and grounds, in a safe, professional and courteous manner.

  • Maintenance/repair of buildings and systems including heating, air conditioning, ventilating, electrical, plumbing, and other special building systems and equipment installed as integral parts of the building.

  • Maintenance/repair of furnishings in centrally scheduled classrooms and offices, including window shades, blinds, seats, and white boards.

  • Custodial, trash collection and recycling services.

  • 24/7 monitoring and response as appropriate.

  • Proper permitting, code compliance and regulation adherence for all work.


3.0 Costumer Responsibilities

  • All facilities-related services must be performed by Facilities Management staff or contracted by Facilities Management, including alterations or connections to any University utility (both external distribution systems and internal building systems).Customer may not self-perform facilities work in University buildings.

  • Identify a Facility staff member or other departmental point of contact for each building.

  • Share if facilities stewardship by exercising reasonable care in the use of University facilities, and timely reporting of deficiencies.


4.0 Governance/Communication

Facilities Management understands that effective communication is a key element of a best in class service delivery organization.  We encourage direct communication between stakeholders and FM execution teams and expect FM staff to adjust communications to the needs of the stakeholder and the situation.  In general, communications are more structured and regular for efforts such as capital projects; more flexible and responsive in the case of emerging events; and more automated in the case of routine work orders.


Facilities Management has in place a multi-faceted communications strategy, which involves all levels of the organization:

  • Staff personnel are empowered to respond to customer needs and concerns, and will follow-up to insure that matters are resolved in a prompt and satisfactory manner.


There are a number of options available should a situation arise in which FM communications and outreach do not meet customer needs.  The options include:

  • Contact the FM Manager.

  • Contact the CFO,


Performance review

  • Periodic meetings with customers.

  • Annual customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Annual report on the condition of University facilities.



5.0 Scheduling a request

To help better expedite your request, we ask all staff and faculty use are automated Cherwell Work Order system.  This information is located on the SMU website, and in addition a link has been provided here.



Please locate the “Facilities Work Order” tab at the top of the page and select.  You will then be taken the Facilities Service Center.



5.1 Response Times

Facilities Management strives to respond to requests the same business day that they are received.

All requests are entered into the work order system and given an “Impact Level” to describe the severity of the problem may present for the requestor and the University.  By default, the response time is estimated using the Request Resolution Time table.



Work Order Request

Resolution Time

Furniture Relocation (Existing)

Movers scheduled 2x per month Oakland; 1x per month SFP & SAC. Dates provide on Facility website

Furniture Request ( Surplus, if available)

Movers scheduled 2x per month Oakland; 1x per month SFP & SAC. Dates provide on Facility website

Handyman Services (Keyboard tray installation, picture hanging, etc.)

Movers scheduled 2x per month Oakland; 1x per month SFP & SAC. Dates provide on Facility website


3-5 Business Days

Standard Janitorial Service (EVS)

Same Business Day


Same Business Day

Air Conditioning/Heating

1 Business Day

Additional Office Space Request

Contact Office of Campus Planning & Development

New Furniture Request

Contact Office of Campus Planning & Development




5.2 Incident Request Resolution Time

The table lists the different categories of work order requests that are submitted via the Cherwell Request form on the SMU website. These categories are aligned with estimated resolution times.

These are target time frames that can be affected by the following factors:

  • Contact with the end user.

  • The availability of Engineering

  • The involvement of outside vendor support.


5.3 Response Time Expectations for Event Support Requests Covered Under this Service Level Agreement

Facilities Management strives to respond to work order requests by the intended deadline established by the requestor; however it is imperative the client make the support request, at least 10 business days prior to allow Facilities Management personnel adequate time to schedule moving and or equipment assets and to ensure timely delivery and or set-up.

At any time the requestor of support services feels their request has not been addressed in a timely or satisfactory manner, the requestor is strongly encouraged to contact the Manager, Facilities Management, directly, at ext. 8673.  If not available, or if the requestor feels his/her concerns have not been addressed in a timely or satisfactory manner, the requestor may escalate their concerns to the CFO, Greg Gingras at 510-869-1588.


6.0 Changes to this Service Level Agreement

These guidelines for facility support will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Manager, Facilities Management If significant changes to these guidelines are necessary, these changes will be communicated to the University Community.







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