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Contact Information

For inquiries about:

  • Auditing and Reporting, contact Jill Emerson
  • Capital budgets, contact Corine Harris
  • Employee reimbursements, contact Corine Harris
  • General Fund accounting, contact Shun Wu
  • General Ledger accounting, contact Markcus Thomas
  • Grant Accounting, contact Jill Emerson
  • Restricted funds, contact Jill Emerson
  • General Fund accounting, contact Jennifer ("Jen") Nguyen

NOTICE: Please direct all student inquiries to the Campus Service Center at (510) 869-1550

Jill Emerson
Finance Director
450 30th St., Ste. 2814,
Oakland, CA 94609

Corine Harris
Accounting Manager


Markcus Thomas
General Ledger Accountant
510-869-6511 Ext. 5763


Shun Y. Wu
General Accountant
510-869-6511 Ext. 5471

Jennifer ("Jen") Nguyen
General Fund Account
510-869-6511 Ext. 4053 (temporarily assigned)



Office: 450 30th St., Ste. 2800

Phone: 510-869-6609

Fax: 510-869-6267

Mailing Address:

450 30th St., Ste. 2800
Oakland, CA 94609

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or by appointment