How To Accept Financial Aid Awards

Instructions for Accepting Financial Aid/Loans:

Log onto the Financial Aid Portal (via SMU Total Access) and look for the ‘Financial Aid Portal’ icon in the My Finances quick launch menu to access your current financial aid awards.


In the Financial Aid Portal, students can:

  • View award letter
  • Accept/Decline awards
  • Reduce loans
  • Print forms to submit to the financial aid office
  • View disbursement information


Click on the MENU button to see the home tab:

Financial Aid Portal Menu


Financial Aid Portal Menu Options

How to accept and/or decline your financial aid awards:

Step 1: Click on Accept Awards tab to read and accept the terms and conditions, then click submit. This step is only accepting the terms and conditions not your financial aid award.


Step 2: Click on Awards Tab to view your financial aid.


Step 3: Click on Accept Awards tab to accept your financial aid. This is your opportunity to reduce or decline the loans that you were offered.

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