FIST Documentation

Ensure accurate reporting of your patient's FIST results using the following:

Paper documentation:  Templates are available for downloading to use in your facility/clinic.

Modification to include facility name/logo and patient ID stamp/sticker is acceptable.  Otherwise, please do not modify these templates without express written permission of the author.

Here is an example of a completed documentation form.

Note the following aspects of this form, as described below.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) documentation:
The FIST can be imported into EHR systems.  It is suggested that the brief descriptors of each item be included as a prompt for correct performance and documentation, and that scores be accessed via a drop down menu if possible. Please follow the same templates when converting to EHR as much as possible, and do not significantly alter the documentation template when converting to EHR without the express written consent of the author.

Demonstrating Change on FIST:

Patients may change in 3 distinct ways, as shown in this example.

  1. They may increase their total score, as seen in this example with a rise from 27 to 33. 
  2. They may also increase their score on individual items, as seen here the patient now can sit with their eyes closed independently. 
  3. The level of physical assistance required to safely, completely, and successfully complete an item may change for an item still scoring a 1.  In this example, the patient now only requires minimal assistance to perform the lateral reach item.

The minimal detectable change (change that exceeds error) is a change greater than 5 points. The minimal clinically important difference during inpatient rehabilitation is a change greater than 6 points. (see References for details)

Now you have covered the entire FIST and should be ready to begin testing using the FIST.

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