Anterior Scoot

Description & Directions

"Move forward 2 inches without using your arms."

Have the patient move back to the starting position on the bed. Use the tape measure to ensure 2 inches of movement. Assign a score.

Anterior Scoot Scoring

Score Description Selected Example
4 Independent Performance normal.
3 Verbal cues/increased time Unsafe movement requiring cues to slow down, but can complete the task.
2 Upper extremity support Cannot complete the task, even on 2nd or 3rd attempt, unless they use their hand(s).
1 Needs assistance Max A needed to complete the scoot.
0 Dependent Requires total assist to complete task.

Common questions about Anterior Scoot

  • I only need to assist the patient for the last part of the scoot. How do I score them? Patient's don't get partial credit for performance. In this instance, the patient would score 1 Needs Assistance with the level of assistance recorded.

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