Pick object off floor

Description & Directions

"Pick this object up off the floor with your hand."

Show the patient the object. Place object between metatarsalphalangeal joints.

Patient may use either hand to pick up the object. Assign a score.

Pick Object off Floor Scoring

Score  Description  Selected Example
 4 Independent  Normal performance.
 3 Verbal cues/increased time Multiple attempts all require prompting to normalize speed of movement.
 2 Upper extremity support Cannot return to sitting with use of hand(s), even on repeated attempts.
 1 Needs assistance Min A required to complete task.
 0 Dependent Cannot complete the task, or only completes with total assistance.

Common questions about Pick Object off Floor

  • My patient lays their trunk in their lap for stability while reaching for the object on the floor.  Do I need to adjust their score? No. The scoring criteria relate to completion of the task and often don't account for compensations like this one.  You may want to describe this strategy when documenting, but it does not affect their score.

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